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Connecting the CEO Agenda with the Global aGENDA for a better 21ST cENTURY eCONOMY 

Join the

7th Annual Leaders on Purpose CEO Summit during the UN General Assembly

New York City, September 26th

Shared Planet, Shared Future, Shared Purpose - Building Progressive Economies

The 4th Leaders on Purpose CEO Study Launch is coming up

Join us at the 7th Annual Leaders on Purpose CEO Summit and learn firsthand

how to lead a 21st century business into a thriving future for all. 



HRH Queen Maxima of The Netherlands

Paul Polman

Paul Polman, Influencer, business leader, campaigner, Co-Author of “Net Positive"


Tony Robbins, coach and professional speaker

dan schulman_edited

Dan Schulman, President, PayPal


Jim Kim, Former President of the World Bank Group

Patricia Obo-Nai

Patricia Obo-Nai, Chief Executive of Vodafone Ghana

Mark Read

Mark Read, Chief Executive Officer at WPP

Anousheh Ansari

Anousheh Ansari Founder & CEO, XPRIZE

Alan Jope - Unilever

Alan Jope, CEO, Unilever

King Dein Kiagborekuzi

HM, King Dein Kiagborekuzi of the Agbor Kingdom located in the Delta State, Nigeria, Chancellor of the West African Union University ( Order of the Crown of Belgium)

Christian Klein

Christian Klein, CEO and member of the Executive Board of SAP SE

Henrietta Fore - UNICEF

Henrietta Fore, Executive Director, UNICEF

Dr. James Mwangi

Dr. James Mwangi, Managing Director, CEO CEO Equity Group Holdings

Feike Sijbesma

Feike Sijbesma, Honorary Chairman Royal DSM

Barbara Humpton

Barbara Humpton, President and CEO of Siemens Corporation

Dr. Arlo Brady

Dr. Arlo Brady, CEO of freuds

Epsy Campbell Barr

Epsy Campbell Barr, Primera Vicepresidenta de la República de Costa Rica

Steve MacMillan - Hologic

Steve MacMillan, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, Hologic

Brian Rice

Brian Rice, Senior Vice President, Chief Brand and Design Officer 3M

Robert-Jan van Ogtrop , Founder - Circle Economy

Robert-Jan van Ogtrop - Founder, Circle Economy

Gillian Tett

Gillian Tett, Chair of Editorial Board and Editor-at-large, Financial Times US

Jonathan T.M. Reckford

Jonathan T.M. Reckford, CEO of Habitat for Humanity International

Dr. Marcius Extavour

Dr. Marcius Extavour, Vice President of Climate & Energy at XPRIZE

Tom Monahan

Tom Monahan, CEO & President, DeVry University

Nigel Elderton, MD and Chairman PRS

Nigel Elderton, MD & Chairman, PRS

Taejun Shin

Taejun Shin, Co-founder and CEO, Gojo & Company

Jan Erik Saugstad

Jan Erik Saugestad CEO, Storebrand

Stephan Nicoleau

Stephan Nicoleau, Partner at FullCycle

Tony Cho

Tony Cho, Founder & CEO, Future of Cities

Jeff Huber

Jeff Huber Founding CEO, GRAIL

Jay Jakub

Jay Jakub, Chief Advocacy Officer of the Economics of Mutuality (EoM) movement for the EoM Foundation

Vanessa Fajans-Turner

Vanessa Fajans-Turner, Executive Director at BankFWD and Principal at Investable Oceans

Tom Monahan

Tom Monahan, President & CEO at DeVry University

Veronica Bonifaz

Veronica Bonifaz CEO, CONFIEP

Christopher Burnham

Christopher Burnham, former Under Secretary General of the United Nations & Senior Independent Director at En+ Group and Director at United Company Rusal

Domina Stamas

Domina Stamas, NASA & The SETI Institute Airborne Astronomy Ambassador, Space4Girls Global Education Director

Gemma Corrigan

Gemma Corrigan, Head of Policy and Advocacy at Federated Hermes

Andy Bird

Andy Bird, CEO at Pearson

Philipp Mueller

Philipp Mueller, CEO of BlueOrchard

Nicole Stott

Nicole Stott, Astronaut, Artist, Founding Director of the Space for Art Foundation

Saker Nusseibeh

Saker Nusseibeh, CBE – CEO, International at Federated Hermes

Karn Manhas

Karn Manhas, Terramera Founder and CEO

Dr. Paul Farmer

Dr. Paul Farmer, Co-Founder and Chief Strategist, Partners In Health

Peter ter Kulve

Peter ter Kulve, President, Home Care, Health & Wellbeing at Unilever

Hirochi Mizuno

Hiro Mizuno, Special Envoy of U.N Secretary-General on Innovative Finance and Sustainable Investments

Richard Walker

Richard Walker, Managing Director at Iceland Foods

Scott Russell

Scott Russell, Member of the Executive Board of SAP SE

Carmen Mora

Carmen Mora, Acting Deputy Chief of Mission at The Embassy of Panama in The United States

Danielle Suber

Danielle Suber, Director of International Government Affairs at Emerson

Kristina Kloberdanz

Kristina Kloberdanz, Chief Sustainability Officer at Mastercard

Renu Karnad

Renu Karnad, Managing Director at HDFC LIMITED

Travis Bradford

Travis Bradford, Professor of Energy Innovation and Sustainability

Karin Krchnak

Karin Krchnak, Global Lead at World Bank Group

Michel Doukeris

Michel Doukeris, CEO at AB InBev

Camille Wardrop Alleyne

Camille Wardrop Alleyne, Founder & Rocket Scientist

Rachel Minard

Rachel Minard, Founder & CEO of Minard Capital LLC

Vipula Gandhi

Vipula Gandhi, Managing Partner and Head of U.S. Enterprise at Gallup

Julia Torreblanca

Julia Torreblanca, Vice-President of Corporate Affairs at Sociedad Minera Cerro Verde S.A.A.

Lord Gregory Barker

Lord Gregory Barker, Executive Chairman at En+ Group

Loretta Hidalgo Whitesides

Loretta Hidalgo Whitesides, Founder Astronaut at Virgin Galactic, Co-Creator of Yuri's Night the World Space Party, and author of The New Right Stuff: Using Space to Bring out the Best in You

Laura Lane

Laura Lane, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer at UPS

Dr. Sanjeev Khagram

Dr. Sanjeev Khagram, director general and dean of Thunderbird School of Global Management, ASU

Ralph Simon

Ralph Simon, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer at Mobilium

Frank Samolis

Frank Samolis, Partner and Co-chair of the International Trade Practice at Squire Patton Boggs

Harald Tepper

Harald Tepper, MT member Group Sustainability and Program Lead Circular Economy program at Philips

Ronali Amatya

Ronali Amatya, UNICEF Young Leader

Ambassador Stuart Holliday

Ambassador Stuart Holliday, CEO of Meridian International Center,

Gary Shaughnessy

Gary Shaughnessy, Chair of the Z Zurich Foundation

Dr. Tatiana Kazakova

Dr. Tatiana Kazakova, Co-Founder and CSO at Leaders on Purpose

John Banovetz

John Banovetz, CTO at 3M

Marisa Drew

Marisa Drew, Chief Sustainability Officer Standard Chartered

Dianne Dain

Dianne Dane, Chief Innovation Officer at Quiet Mark

Karim Lesina

Karim Lesina, EVP Chief External Affairs Officer at Millicom

Georgie Benardete

Georgie Benardete, Co-Founder and CEO of Align17

Daniel Fox

Daniel Fox, Founder of Space 100.10 & Feel the Wild VR, SONY Photographer

Olga Algayerova

Olga Algayerova, Under-Secretary-General and Executive Secretary to the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe

Kent Walker

Kent Walker, Senior Vice President for Global Affairs and Chief Legal Officer

Kimberly Washington

Kimberly Washington, Leaders on Purpose, Founder/CEO Beviam & Board Chair Space4Girls

Natalia Vega-Berry

Natalia Vega-Berry, Director/Executive Producer at Net Zero World

David Gross

David Gross, Former Meridian Trustee & Partner at Wiley Rein

Ann Rosenberg

Ann Rosenberg, SVP for Sustainability Solutions at Wood plc and Co-Founder of SDG Ambition

Jeffrey Twentyman

Jeffrey Twentyman, Partner and Head of Sustainability, Slaughter and May

Rosemary Banks

Rosemary Banks, Ambassador of New Zealand

Michael Train

Michael Train, Chief Sustainability Officer at Emerson

Karan Bhatia

Karan Bhatia, Vice President – Global Public Policy and Government Relations at Google

Jonathan Miller

Jonathan Miller, CEO at Integrated Media Company

Mia Mends

Mia Mends, Global Chief Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer, and CEO, Impact Ventures, for Sodexo

Dawn Nakagawa - Berggruen Institute

Dawn Nakagawa, Executive Vice President, Berggruen Institute

Heidi Gardner - Harvard Law School &

Heidi Gardner, Distinguished Fellow at Harvard Law School, Co-Founder at Gardner & Collaborators

Christa Gyori - Leaders on Purpose

Christa Gyori, CEO, Leaders on Purpose

Lucian Tarnowski

Lucian Tarnowski, Founding Curator of the United Planet Game

Ellen - WaterBear Network

Ellen, CEO, WaterBear Network

Martin Whittaker - JUST Capital

Martin Whittaker, Founding CEO, JUST Capital

Ted Janulis

Ted Janulis, Founder & Principal at Investable Oceans

Hakan Bulgurlu - Arçelik

Hakan Bulgurlu, CEO, Arçelik

Manuel Magalhaes - Materra Group

Manuel Magalhaes, Co-Founder, Materra Group

Rebeca Hwang

Rebeca Hwang, Professor of Practice and Senior Director for the Center for Global Entrepreneurship and Family Business, Thunderbird

Helle Bank Jørgensen - Competent Boards

Helle Bank Jørgensen, CEO, Competent Boards

Dr Aboubacar Kampo - UNICEF

Dr Aboubacar Kampo, Director Program Health, UNICEF

J. Carl Ganter - CEO

J. Carl Ganter, CEO, Vector Center

Charlotte Petri Gornitzka - UNICEF

Charlotte Petri Gornitzka, Assistant Secretary-General and Deputy Executive Director, Partnerships, UNICEF

Simon Anholt

Simon Anholt, Founder, Good Country Index

Harald Neidhardt

Harald Neidhardt, CEO & Curator of the Futur/io Institute.

Sonia Johnson

Sonia Johnson, Board Member at The Quantic Group



USD 6000  

September 26th - VIP ATTENDEE 

USD 2500

Subject to approval

Subject to approval

Connecting the CEO Agenda with
the Global Agenda

Building a Purpose-First Economy

Leaders on Purpose® supports businesses in transitioning to become more sustainable and fit for the future. Our team has a background in research and years of experience in corporate strategy, peer learning, advisory on systemic innovations, and advocacy for policies that support purpose and performance. Leaders on Purpose began as a research collaboration between business leaders and experts from Harvard University, Unilever, The World Bank, and The London School of Economics. Today, it connects the CEO agenda with the global agenda by helping businesses transition from business-as-usual to a purpose-based approach, which involves putting purpose at the core of their business strategy for the benefit of the organization, employees, the planet, and society.

Leaders on Purpose®
an integrated model for delivering impacT






Leaders on Purpose Research
is the only longitudinal study of CEOs at the forefront of the new business logic

Transitioning strategy
from profit-first to purpose-driven
performance by implementing the new business logic.

Co-created by CEOs for CEOs
and cross sectoral leaders,

our annual summit is a powerful platform for transition to a more just and sustainable economy

Bringing policymakers, international organizations, business leaders, change-makers and solutionists together to collaborate in fast-tracking a purpose-first economy 

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“Purpose is the COMMITMENT to create value 
by contributing to the benefit of society and the planet”

Supporting purpose-DRIVEN business

Today we are facing some of the most urgent and complex economic, social, and environmental challenges in generations. These challenges also create an unprecedented window of opportunity. We can and we must do better. We believe that purpose-driven businesses will define the new economic landscape of the 21st century.


Our mission is to mobilize purpose-driven leaders and their organizations to maximize positive impact on both business and systemic outcomes.

This is accomplished by overcoming the structural barriers and putting purpose first so that our planet and society can thrive for generations to come.  This will set us on a path that serves all sectors and accelerates the global 2030 agenda.

Working with Leaders on Purpose

We work with future-focused executives as they push the boundaries of business-as-usual toward a new business logic, one that puts purpose at the core of organizational strategy. These organizations are uniquely positioned to address some of the world’s most pressing challenges. Negotiating transformational change is challenging, but research has shown that organizations that include broader social ambitions to benefit society and planet in their core strategy are not only commercially viable but also outperform their counterparts in all key metrics. Expanding this approach will ensure that in times of crisis, businesses will be both compelled and empowered to act for the benefit of society.

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