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Connecting the CEO Agenda with the Global Agenda

Building a Purpose-First Economy

Leaders on Purpose is an independent, for-benefit organisation that supports businesses transitioning to become more sustainable and fit for the future. Our team has a background in research and years of experience in corporate strategy, peer learning, advisory on systemic innovations, and advocacy for policies that support purpose and performance. Leaders on Purpose began as a research collaboration between business leaders and experts from Harvard University, Unilever, The World Bank, and The London School of Economics. Today, it connects the CEO agenda with the global agenda by helping businesses transition from business-as-usual to a purpose-based approach, which involves putting purpose at the core of their business strategy for the benefit of the organisation, employees, the planet, and society.

Leaders on Purpose
an integrated model for delivering impacT






Leaders on Purpose Research
is the only longitudinal study of CEOs at the forefront of the new business logic

   Transitioning strategy
from profit-first to purpose-driven
performance by implementing the new business logic.

Co-created by CEOs for CEOs
and cross sectoral leaders,

our annual summit is a powerful platform for transition to a more just and sustainable economy

Bringing policymakers, international organizations, business leaders, change-makers and solutionists together to collaborate in fast-tracking a purpose-first economy 

“Purpose is the COMMITMENT to create value 
by contributing to the benefit of society and the planet”
Supporting purpose-DRIVEN business

Today we are facing some of the most urgent and complex economic, social, and environmental challenges in generations. These challenges also create an unprecedented window of opportunity. We can and we must do better.  Leaders on Purpose works with business, government and non-profit organizations to build an economic system that leaves no one behind.  This is accomplished by overcoming the structural barriers and putting purpose first so that our planet and society can thrive for generations to come.  This will set us on a path that serves all sectors and accelerates the global 2030 agenda.

Working with Leaders on Purpose

We work with future-focused executives as they push the boundaries of business-as-usual toward a new business logic, one that puts purpose at the core of organizational strategy. These organizations are uniquely positioned to address some of the world’s most pressing challenges. Negotiating transformational change is challenging, but research has shown that organizations that include broader social ambitions to benefit society and planet in their core strategy are not only commercially viable but also outperform their counterparts in all key metrics[i]. Expanding this approach will ensure that in times of crisis, businesses will be both compelled and empowered to act for the benefit of society.

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