Leaders on Purpose is a community of purpose-driven corporate leaders promoting an inclusive and sustainable economy that puts purpose at the core and leaves no one behind. What began as a research collaboration between business leaders and experts from Harvard University, Unilever, The World Bank, and The London School of Economics has evolved into a platform that connects the CEO agenda with the global agenda. 

Today Leaders on Purpose operates as an independent, for-benefit, organization supporting businesses in the transition from business-as-usual to a purpose-based approach. This involves putting purpose at the core of the business strategy for the benefit of the organization, the employees, the planet and society.  Our approach is grounded in rigorous research and years of experience. We do this through corporate strategy, peer learning, advisory on systemic innovations, and advocacy for policies that support purpose and performance. 

Kimberly Washington


& Chief Executive Officer


& Chief Strategy Officer

Partner & Global Head of Business Development


Christa Gyori

Dr. Tatiana Kazakova

Hemant Baijal

Global Affairs & Partnerships

Brian Kurtz

Movement & Mobilization

Madeleine Helms

Associate, Content & Communications

Charlotte Palermo

Associate, External Engagement

Kelsey Beuning

Research Analyst

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advisory council

The Leaders on Purpose Advisory Council is comprised of a diverse group of senior leaders and experts from around the world who help guide the strategic direction for the Leaders on Purpose platform and provide leadership to advance the purpose-first economy globally.