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2020 Virtual
Leaders on Purpose CEO Summit



The Third Annual Leaders on Purpose CEO Summit brought together the world’s top thought leaders, business visionaries, multilateral leaders, Academics, and CEOs.

Created by leaders for leaders, this exclusive event accelerated a new kind of leadership at the forefront of the new business logic in a post COVID world, integrating purpose and profit.

2020’s Leaders on Purpose summit focused on creating a shared vision in response to the COVID 19 pandemic. The online talks, workshops, and discussions were informed by findings from the 2020 CEO Study, which focused in turn on ‘build it better’ strategies and a roadmap towards the purpose first economy.


The summit is a powerful platform where shared learnings, cross-sectoral engagement, and research insights converge to drive change, delivered through proactive collaboration to enable scalable impact.

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Purpose First Economy

This invitation-only summit is the first of its kind and the first of a series in alignment with the decade of action. The agenda has been co-created by CEOs for CEOs in collaboration with UN Leadership, the science community, and other global stakeholders and informed by the Leaders on Purpose CEO Study.


In this important event, we set in motion strategic alignment around the shared goal of multiple stakeholders to enable businesses to transition towards the purpose-first business logic in 2030. Designed as an outcome-oriented event, it was one of the most insightful and impactful gatherings of 2020.

Over 70 invitation-only speakers & panelists include:

Henrietta Fore (Executive Director UNICEF), Olga Algayerová (Executive Secretary UNECE), Emmanuel Faber (CEO Danone), Jesper Brodin (CEO IKEA), Alan Jope (CEO Unilever), Feike Sijbesma (Honorary Chairman DSM), Anand Mahindra (Chairman Mahindra & Mahindra), Barbara Humpton (CEO Siemens U.S.), Dylan Taylor (CEO Voyager Space Holdings) and many more.

Ambassadors and Government Leadership from Germany, Columbia, Iceland, Argentina, Rwanda and around the world,


Edie Lush, Co-Hosts of the Global Goals Cast will join us as Master of Ceremony throughout the day,

Content and research driving the purpose-first economy, include:

• Launch Leaders on Purpose CEO Study 2020 preliminary insights & participatory CEOs

• Launch Fourth Sector 2030 & Global Policy Solutions following the CEO Call to action for the       purpose-first economy featured in the Financial Times New Agenda

Special Guests and experiences include:

• Space For Humanity Panel with Astronaut Michael Lopez-Alegria, Performance and Q&A, Rachel Lyons,  & Dylan Taylor  

• Guided Overview Effect Meditation, Jeremy Nickel

• Purpose, Art and Technology virtual Exhibit and Q&A, Drue Kataoka

• Australian Artist Performance and Q&A, Ziggy Ramo

Design Science Studio, Buckminster Fuller Institute and habRitual creators capturing the day

• Broadcasting through embassies around the world, UNGA Guide Platform and many more

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