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Performance through purpose ACCELERATOR PROGRAM

Unlock You potential
results & impact Through
purpose at Work 


6 weeks

2 hrs / week - course time + bi-weekly coaching session

Start Date

April 9, 2024





Enroll by March 26, 2024 and qualify for additional event ticket to

the Leaders on Purpose Summit events 2024
See Additional Cohort Dates Below

We’re currently undergoing the biggest systems transformation since the digital revolution.  Business as we know it is fundamentally changing.
Are you READY to reach your potential?
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About the course

We’re currently undergoing the biggest systems transformation since the digital revolution. The company of the future understands how to effectively integrate social, ecological, and financial sustainability into their core operations. The shift to purpose-driven leadership will fundamentally impact every facet of our organizations. 

What you'll learn
  • How to lead organizational transformation in today’s complex systems

  • What it takes for organizations to transition to a purpose-first economic model

  • How to operationalize purpose for increased profitability and positive impact 

  • Essential strategies for curating the right alignment, sequence, and communications strategy for purpose-led transformation

  • Why leveraging partnerships and collaboration to scale purpose is a non-negotiable for the company of the future 

upon Completion of this Course,
You’ll Walk Away With
  • The skills to identify opportunities for embedding purpose and sustainability into core operations and strategies for succeeding

  • The ability to effectively communicate purpose-driven strategy and initiatives with diverse stakeholders and audiences

  • The understanding of where your organization sits on its purpose journey and the role you can play in furthering purpose at scale, across silos or barriers

  • A roadmap to operationalizing purpose in your organization, that you can use to drive organizational alignment

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course format
  • 6-week virtual accelerator 

  • Interactive leadership simulation game

  • Weekly action steps and “challenges” to foster real-time application and integration 

  • Live presentations for feedback from faculty, experts and peers

  • Intimate, highly curated cohort

  • Expert facilitation by Harvard instructors

  • Weekly fireside chats with the world’s leading experts on purpose 

  • Bi-weekly 1-1 Personal Coaching Session to support your goals and accelerate your results

who should apply
  • Executives

  • Board Members

  • Directors

  • Senior Managers 

  • Founders

This course is for you if You’re committed to LEADING your organization to become more sustainable and future-fit & You want to learn the latest insights and strategies to help your organization with this transition
meet your instructors
Experts & Guest Lecturers & Coachs
more to be announced!
Christa Gyori

Co-Founder CEO,

Leaders on Purpose

Nicole Bellisle_edited_edited_edited.jpg
nicole bellisle

Director, Leadership Development & Capacity Building, Leaders on Purpose

Executive Educator, Harvard University


Former Corporate CEO, Innovation & Transformation Architect

Scott Mills 2_edited_edited_edited.jpg
dr. scott w. mills

World-Renowned Leadership Coach

Emma Wainer_edited.jpg

Executive Speaker Coach & Founder, Speaking at Work



Best-Selling Author 

Director, Global Economy Program, NYU


MODULE 1: Leadership for the Future – Navigating Complexity and Uncertainty with Impact

How can leaders navigate today’s complex landscape while also maximizing their impact? In this module, you’ll explore the strategies and skills necessary for doing exactly that. You’ll learn from the world’s top leaders in never-before-seen case studies and the latest research on how purpose-driven leadership can future-proof your strategy.

MODULE 2: RESILIENCY THROUGH IMPACT – Leveraging Sustainable Business Models for Competitive Edge

By embracing sustainability as a strategic driver, organizations can unlock new opportunities, foster innovation, and gain a significant advantage in the marketplace. The company’s of the future understand that their impact is connected to their license to operate and their long-term resiliency. In this module, you’ll learn how to assess your organization’s current impact and identify opportunities for embedding sustainability and impact into your organization’s strategy and core operations.

MODULE 3: The Alignment Imperative – Uniting All Aspects of Your Organization for Success

The Maximizing Potential module offers participants an in-depth exploration of business alignment and its critical role in achieving sustainable growth. Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of the various dimensions of alignment within an organization, including both commonly recognized areas and often overlooked aspects. The module will delve into the significance of alignment and its impact on the overall success and sustainability of an organization. Participants will examine the consequences of misalignment, including expensive drags on the business, declines in organizational trust, and reputational risks. Through interactive discussions and real-world examples, participants will gain insights into the potential consequences of neglecting alignment in different areas of the organization. In addition to business alignment, the module will focus on nurturing a culture for change within an organization. Participants will explore the critical elements of fostering a culture that embraces innovation, diversity, trust, and adaptability. They will examine strategies for creating a culture that empowers individuals to drive change and supports the organization's objectives.

MODULE 4: The COLLABORATive Advantage for Innovation & Impact

In this module, we will dive deep into the role of collaboration in driving meaningful change and achieving business goals. In today's interconnected and rapidly changing business landscape, collaboration has emerged as a critical driver of success. This module on the "Collaborative Advantage" is designed to equip participants with the knowledge, skills, and strategies to leverage collaboration to support their work to drive sustainable growth, innovation, and competitive advantage.

MODULE 5: From Strategy to Execution – A Sequenced Approach to Organizational Alignment and Communication 

Building upon the previous modules, this session brings together the learnings from each module to support participants in deepening their knowledge and practical application. Participants will explore the significance of proper sequencing in aligning organizational goals and values, leveraging insights from the Leaders on Purpose CEO Study and best practices shared throughout the series. The module will focus on developing a well-sequenced plan for organizational alignment, incorporating internal and external communication strategies. Participants will also gain valuable insights into the challenges and pitfalls of improper sequencing. Through interactive activities, case studies, and group exercises, participants will enhance their ability to foster a culture of collaboration, purpose, and success within their organizations.

MODULE 6: Achieving the Extraordinary – Integration and Inspiration for the Road Ahead

In this final module of the course, we will cover some last critical steps in the journey towards transformation. Participants are encouraged to showcase their learnings and insights from the previous modules. In this session we are special guest speaker, who will shares inspiring experiences and valuable insights. Participants will engage in reflection exercises to recognize their growth throughout the course and develop action plans to continue their journey beyond the program. The module concludes with closing remarks, celebration of accomplishments, and encouragement for ongoing collaboration among participants.

additional course benefits
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Exclusive invitation to the annual Leaders on Purpose CEO Summit 
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Never-before-seen interviews and case stories with Fortune 500 CEOs leading the transition to a purpose-first economy 
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Deep dives into the latest research from the Leaders on Purpose Global CEO Study, conducted by world-renowned researchers
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Lifetime access to course materials and a growing alumni network worldwide

Leaders on Purpose has been at the forefront of purpose-driven leadership since 2015. Drawing from our wealth of practice, research, and teaching experience at prestigious institutions such as Harvard University and the University of Cambridge, our team brings invaluable, practical expertise.

Our accelerator course, "Business Purpose for Performance and Impact," will provide you with insights, tools and winning strategies of the world's top leaders to facilitate your organization's transformation towards purpose-driven success.


To maximize engagement and impact, we limit our course size. Register today to secure your place in this exclusive group, and ensure your organization's sustainable growth in today's competitive business landscape. Don't hesitate – your spot in this sought-after cohort is waiting.

Upcoming cohort dates

Apr 9 – May 16, 2024

July 9 – Aug 15, 2024

More dates coming soon! 


Live Interactive sessions on  Tuesdays 11am–1pm EST

and Thursdays 12-1pm EST


Early Bird

(until March 21st)




Early registration is encouraged! Seats fill up quickly.

*Additional group discounts apply for teams of 3 or more

Ask about bringing the accelerator course to your organization!


Who is this course designed for?

This course is designed for leaders transitioning their organizations to become more sustainable and future-fit who want to learn the latest insights and strategies to help them transition.


What is the course format?

This course is designed as a blend of asynchronous and synchronous learning, with a mix of pre-recorded segments, interactive webinars, case studies, and group discussions. The course is structured into modules that build upon each other, with opportunities for Instructor and peer feedback with both group and individual work throughout.


What can I expect to learn in this course?

By enrolling in this course, you'll gain a high-level understanding of the business case for purpose-centred business practices in a global context. You'll receive practical guidance on stakeholder mapping and engagement strategies to develop a clear roadmap for a project you are working on in your organization. Moreover, you'll meet others also on this journey and learn from each other. 


This course will also help you better understand the business case and tools for embedding purpose into your organization. You'll be equipped to navigate the complex regulatory landscape for future-focused business practices and develop market-based solutions to public problems that align with local cultural and regulatory environments.


What is the format of this course?

This course is delivered online in a live, interactive format. Participants will attend six modules over a period of six weeks and will participate in discussions, case studies, group exercises, and individual reflection.


What if I cannot attend all SIX modules?

While it is recommended that participants attend all six modules to get the full benefit of the course, we understand that schedules may not allow for this. Participants will have access to recordings of each module and can review missed content on their own time.


What makes this course different from other leadership courses?

This course is unique in that it focuses specifically on purpose-centred business transformation. It draws on best practices from leading CEOs and organizations and includes practical guidance, tools and frameworks developed by experts from Leaders on Purpose and our partner organizations.  Application to a current project is designed to be practical and actionable, allowing participants to implement practices within a short timeframe.


What’s the expected time commitment?

The expected time commitment for this course is approximately 20-25 hours over the 6-week course, including attending the six live modules and completing individual and group exercises.


What is your refund policy?

We offer a full refund up to two weeks before the course start date. After that, we offer a partial refund based on the amount of course content that has been delivered.


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