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Leaders on Purpose & Meridian

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The Meridian corporate council provides a platform for exchange, dialogue, and networking on key global issues among diplomatic, government, and corporate leaders. Through this exchange, members are better equipped to navigate critical challenges and opportunities in a complex international environment.


Drawn from wide-ranging sectors, council members represent major corporations that are leaders in corporate social responsibility and international initiatives. They are also invited to join Meridian’s delegations and to attend Meridian’s programs and seminars, as well as intimate networking events and briefings

The Meridian Corporate Council and Leaders on Purpose: partners since the first hour. 

More and more leaders are signaling their dedication to purpose-driven and mission-driven leadership and to driving solutions towards a more sustainable economy. Today’s world is primed for a more globally engaged and impactful leadership. Leaders on Purpose and the Meridian Corporate Council are delighted to partner in their dedication to helping to build and identify rising leaders and corporate diplomats who are committed to the global engagement of the private sector.


Meridian International Center is a non-profit, nonpartisan diplomacy centre that connects leaders through culture and collaboration to drive solutions for global challenges. The Meridian Corporate Council drives global economic security, prosperity, and innovation through corporate diplomacy. It believes that collaboration among business, diplomatic, and government leaders is essential to building an inclusive and sustainable global economy and tackling the most challenging issues of our time.



Meridian and Leaders on Purpose partner on a number of initiatives, allowing both organizations and their respective networks of members to collaborate on finding effective solutions towards achieving a sustainable global economy.

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