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GLOBAL LEADERship letter ISSUes a call and a Commitment To "Build Better" IN 2020
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GLOBAL ceos call on governments and business to build a better "purpose-first" economy

In a historic letter, a new coalition of global corporate leaders representing a combined annual revenue of over $100 billion USD and a combined global workforce of over 500,000 have proposed a roadmap to “build the economic system better,” rather than simply “building it back.” The roadmap’s goal is to create an inclusive and sustainable post-COVID economy that benefits society, the planet, and shareholders for generations to come.

Global Leadership COVID 19 Response Lett


The signatories have also committed to advance the purpose-first economy by leveraging their procurement, innovation, research, development, and investment to accelerate the growth of sustainable business. The letter provides a practical roadmap for proactively redesigning corporate structures and government policies in the development of a more supportive ecosystem for organizations that operate on purpose-driven principles.


The leaders urge businesses and governments to join them. 

Global Leadership COVID 19 Response Lett

While still evolving, the emergent purpose-driven business model harnesses decades of innovation to spur sustainable and inclusive economic growth, yielding a healthy society within planetary boundaries, for generations to come. We call on businesses and governments to join us in accelerating the transition towards an inclusive, resilient, sustainable economy that recognizes and enables purpose-driven businesses to thrive.  We recommend:


Recognize and support purpose-driven Businesses

Governments can acknowledge the mosaic of innovations we have identified as a distinct (and diverse) sector of the economy. They can thereby enable and scale purpose-driven businesses through the systematic provision of support and removal of impediments. This can include targeted policy, financing, procurement, contracting, taxation, accountability measures, capacity building, and more. .


Carefully craft incentives and policies

Encourage other economic actors — the private sector, civil society, investors, academia, philanthropy, and citizens — to engage in the co-creation, employment, and expansion of the fourth sector and its growing ecosystem.


Incentivize innovations...

...of financial products, risk assessment, valuation models, and ratings. Develop standards for assessing and accounting for social and environmental impacts of purpose-driven enterprises.


Design for a safe, educated, and healthy society

Support colleges, universities, and research centers to collaborate and access capital, talent, and shared resources. Expand community building and educational training, develop regional platforms, and new curricula. Equip policymakers, practitioners, and students with the necessary knowledge and skills for careers in the purpose-first economy. 



Support economies to climb the development ladder by enabling and accelerating the growth of purpose-driven businesses and investment to successfully deliver on the Decade of Action in pursuit of global climate and sustainability goals. 


Enable a supportive ecosystem

Building a better post-COVID-19 economy by creating an enabling ecosystem that serves both purpose-driven businesses and conventional businesses that want to transition toward a purpose-driven logic. 


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Leaders on Purpose
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Standing still is no longer an option. Today, the world is calling on all leaders to have the courage, wisdom, and foresight to emerge from the current crisis together with a better approach. The Leaders on Purpose CEO community is actively working together to reset business towards a purpose-driven business logic for the benefit of society and the planet – for generations to come. 

Are you a purpose-driven leader working to build a better economy? We invite you to join our community.

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Join the growing alliance of global leaders standing up for building a better economy, by raising your voice in support of the Call to Action.


Share your view on what the Call means for you and your organization’s values and priorities.

How does it relate to work you have been doing in this context? Do you have any recommendations to add, or suggestions for implementation?


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