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membership COMMUNITY (LOpc)  

Peer-to-Peer Solutions for Better Business

Visualise yourself in a room with a select group of purpose-driven leaders. Our expert facilitator is guiding a fast-paced, engaging and solutions-oriented discussion. You are looking for ways to make your company hit its net-zero target and attract and retain top talent. One of your peers shares a strategy that’s worked for her. Another points out a pitfall he recently avoided. This inspires the group to consider a related topic that sparks all kinds of useful insights. Soon, you are all working together to formulate the breakthrough innovation you’ve been searching for.   


Our Purpose Leadership Community (or LOPC) is a collection of like-minded leaders collaborating to address the world’s largest problems by transforming them into the world’s greatest business opportunities.

Leaders on Purpose MEMBERSHIP Community (LOPC)


Our peer-to-peer community helps you address your most pressing challenges.

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  • How can I exceed my stakeholders expectations and win market share?

  • What are the best practices in delivery of net zero commitments?

  • How do I  benchmark against others in this industry?

  • How can I increase employee engagement and attract top talent? 

  • What should I be measuring in my supply chain?

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  • What are the best strategies for non-organic sustainable growth? 

  • How can I engage my customers in circular solutions to product development?

  • What is the benefit of a pro-competitive partnership and how do they work?

  • What art the potential disruptors to my business?

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  • How big is a potential new sustainable market and how fast is it growing?

  • How do I avoid costly mistakes in my target market(s) or go-to-market execution?

  • What  sustainable market adjacencies are optimal for growth?

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  • What are the best ways to ensure my board is Future /Climate competent?

  • How do I ensure my board fully comprehends our corporate strategy?

  • How do I deal with activist investors?

  • What are the trade-offs involved in making a particular strategic move?

Membership Includes


Peer-to-Peer Networks, Speaker Series and Community Meetings 

Gain regular access to other purpose-driven leaders and experts to share meaningful insights. Gain best practices, insights and topic-specific coalitions to support the advancement of your commitments.


Customized Expert Guidance

We pair you with select experts who can address your specific purpose related goals and help you reach the next stage en route to your organization’s full potential. We also support you with eco-system mapping and suggest high potential partners and projects.


Assessment and Access

Based on your business strategy and your global commitments and drawing upon our extensive research, we will perform a detailed diagnostic and identify your organization’s purpose-stage.


Leadership Dinners

Our exclusive LOP Leadership Jeffersonian Dinners are the perfect opportunity to connect with other LOP community groups and reconnect with your own peers over dinner.


Leaders on Purpose Events

Registration to Leaders on Purpose Signature Event, our flagship event where the world’s top thought leaders, business visionaries, multilateral leaders, Academics, and CEOs.  Created by leaders for leaders, this exclusive event accelerates a new kind of leadership at the forefront of the new business logic, integrating purpose and profit.  


Analyst Access 

Access to Leaders on Purpose analyst team and network of SMEs to bounce around ideas, validate assumptions, and receive expert advisory on markets, trends, opportunities, and threats in integrating purpose and profit.  


What are the best ways to ensure my board is Future /Climate competent?

How do I ensure my board fully comprehends our corporate strategy?

How do I deal with activist investors?

What are the trade-offs involved in making a particular strategic move?

What People Are saying about

CEO Mahindra.png

Anand Mahindra
Chairman Mahindra & Mahindra

Today, more than ever, the world needs to be able to reimagine a new future.

The initiative that is being set in motion by Leaders on Purpose provides a much needed aspirational framework - one that has the power to change the language of business discourse and how we regard the future. 



Helen Clark 
Former Prime Minister, New Zealand

We are in a full-blown economic, social and health crisis.  The Purpose Driven movement with Leaders on Purpose is an encouraging step proving international organizations can work together so that we can build a better tomorrow.  There is too much at stake not to take decisive action now.  

Paul Polman_edited.jpg

Paul Polman
Co-Founder Imagine, 
Author of Net Positive: How Courageous Companies Thrive 

We have the chance to rebuild a fairer, greener society.  But to do so we need courageous business leaders who are willing to act, individually and as a collective.  No company alone can solve the problems we face.  But together we can begin to challenge the orthodoxies which got us here. Together we can help the world change. 

We invite you 

Apply to join our curated community of leaders to support bold leaders, make a positive impact on both your business and the world, gain insight on risks and opportunities in your market, grow sustainable long-term revenue, and build truly meaningful relationships

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