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Brandfuel teams up with Leaders on Purpose for CEO Summit

The 6th Annual Leaders on Purpose CEO Summit is taking place on September 20-21 in New York to coincide with the annual United Nations General Assembly.

Leaders on Purpose was founded to promote an inclusive and sustainable economy that puts purpose at the core and leaves no one behind. The theme of this year’s CEO summit - which brings together the world’s most visionary leaders to drive collaborative transformation for a purpose-first economy - is “Shared Planet, Shared Future, Shared Purpose”.

This invitation-only summit connects the CEO agenda to the global agenda at a time of growing insecurity around the world. It will feature more than 70 speakers focusing on the latest insights and strategies, and building partnerships to drive the cross-sector transition towards a purpose-first economy.

This year, Leaders on Purpose have partnered with Brandfuel to create this global platform for securing a more equitable future for business.

Brandfuel is an award-winning creative agency based in London that specialises in the planning and delivery of events, brand experiences, exhibitions, conferences and digital services. Its purpose-orientated approach focuses on sustainability initiatives around people, the planet and prosperity to drive business success.

This year’s CEO summit reflects the growing recognition that the challenges facing the world today are interconnected and that we must work together to find solutions.

Christa Gyori, the CEO and co-founder of Leaders on Purpose, welcomed the partnership with Brandfuel: “Our alliance with Brandfuel magnifies the potential of collaboration. Together, we are poised to pioneer a path towards a future that marries sustainability with purpose. This venture will undoubtedly leverage our collective strengths to inspire innovative solutions with far-reaching effects on businesses, communities, and our planet.”

Brandfuel’s clients are the global change-makers who are challenging the way things are and reimagining how they could be. The award-winning agency is excited to share its creative and production expertise with Leaders on Purpose in support of a world-changing event that will have a positive impact for people and the planet.

Sue Sawyer, the CEO of Brandfuel, says: “Central to our ethos at Brandfuel is the measurable economic, environmental and social impact of our work. We are therefore delighted to be partnering with Leaders on Purpose for their 6th annual summit and look forward to meeting other leaders who are transitioning their businesses to a purpose-first economy.”

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