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bewölkt Nebel

2023 CEO Summit


We look forward to welcoming you to the 6th Annual CEO Summit. This year's summit promises to be one of the most impactful yet.


Key to the success of a purpose-driven future, and reflected in our summit is an aligned vision and meaningful collaboration. Our partners work with us to make this happen. We are honored to introduce this year's partners to you. 

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Partnering on the Leaders on Purpose CEO Summit aligns your organization with the purpose-centered private sector transition towards a better economy for all.  


Leaders on Purpose CEO Summit partners are carefully selected to elevate organizations that are doing the work. Participants and speakers represent the vanguard of the new business logic. They don’t treat purpose as an add-on or a side project, but instead, place it at the very heart of their business strategy. Therefore they play a key leverage role for building better and systems change through creating business models operating within planetary boundaries which address societal needs. Join the company of some of the most innovative and progressive organizations in the world. No one is there yet, but we entered the pathway together. 


Over 100+ speakers  
Over 10M audience reach

Working with us on this event allows demonstrating your company in front of a global audience of CEOs, Heads of State, Governments, International Organizations and a broad audience of aware consumers and talent.

  • Elevate your leadership awareness on a global platform

  • Showcase your alignment with the purpose-driven business approach

  • Access unique opportunities and non-incremental expertise 

  • Engage with a broad audience of like-minded individuals and companies

bewölkt Nebel

Leading Purpose-Driven Systems Transformation

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